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Post by BluMess on Fri Feb 29, 2008 2:19 pm

Right, there are a few rules I need to set in place so make sure you read them before you start posting. Please note that moderators reserve the right for any user at their own discression - to be on the safe side, make sure you familiarize yourself with The Rules
(Oooh, it gets its own little boldness rabbit)

If you break any of the following rules, moderators may ban you either permanently or temporarily, at their own discression

-Using hateful language (flaming) towards another user
-Posting or linking to pornographic images or NSFW (not suitable for work) material << Aww, I know, it pains me too
-Posting or linking to viruses or malicious sites (including in your signature)
-Discussing illegal activities << You would have to be so unbelievably dumb to do this
-Making multiple short posts

More minor rules, but still important:

-Remaking or complaining about a locked / deleted thread in a different thread
-Complaining about a banned user
-Insulting or harassing a user, moderator or administrator
-Repeatedly advertising your website
-Attempting to get around these rules

Sorry for the strict rules, but I need to keep some control here

Anyway, don't be discouraged, go out there and post to your heart's content! And remember kiddies, don't break the rules Wink

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