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Post by Fridgeclock on Mon Dec 29, 2008 12:19 pm

I don's know if this should be in the flash section or what but can you help me with some as please?

This is probably very simple to fix but i cannot figure it out.
I have a character who moves with the WASD keys, but i need it so he plays his walking cycles when i press the WASD keys.

I have a player holding a gun. Inside that mc there is the gun mc and the player with the movement frames inside. On the main timeline the player moves with:

if(Key.isDown(65)){ //left
_root.player._x -= 5;
_root.player._x += 5;
_root.player._y += 5;
_root.player._y -= 5;

and turns to follow the mouse.
Inside the mc i have the gun and the player with movements.
Inside there i have 4 frames.
1st frame: Standing still (Has stop ()Wink
2nd frame: Walking forwards/backwards
3rd frame: Walking left
4th frame: Walking right

on 2 frame, mc called "Characterwalking"
on 3 frame, mc called "playerleft"
on 4 frame, mc called "playeright"

Inside each of those mc's there is a stop(); on the first frame

Ok, i only told you all that incase you needed to know it to fix my AcSc.
What would you put in the WASD to make it play those frames?

Help please.


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Help me please Empty Re: Help me please

Post by BluMess on Mon Dec 29, 2008 4:01 pm

For each of them, inside the brackets, put _root.player.gotoAndStop(FRAME GOES HERE)

if(Key.isDown(65)){ //left
_root.player._x -= 5;
_root.player.gotoAndStop(3) //3 is the frame where the player faces left

Hope it helps Smile

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